Cape of Concerts

The high season of tourism in Cape Town is in full swing and visitors to the mother city this December have some great nights of entertainment to look forward to.

 On Dec. 3, international band, Kings of Chaos, are back in town for the second time and ready to rock the Grand Arena at Grand West Casino.   The band's core lineup are a combination of Guns n' Roses and Velvet Revolver members and stepping up to the mic for this tour are Nunu Bettencourt (Extreme), Robin Zandar (Cheap Trick), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Stephen Tyler (Aerosmith).  With a cast like that it is impossible to imagine that this show will be anything but spectacular.  This will not be a show to miss, what a great time to be in the Cape!  

kings of chaos

If that wasn't enough, one week later on Dec. 10, the Foo Fighters will be packing Green Point Stadium with Dave Grohl's meld of heavy and melodic elements.  Unlike Kings of Chaos who are preforming in Cape Town for the second time, this is the Foo Fighters first trip to South Africa and they are being met with open arms.  Tickets were sold out quickly for this show and the Cape waits in eager anticipation to hear them live for the first time.

foo fighters foo fighters2

If these shows sound a bit too heavy, Kirstenbosch Gardens is also starting up its summer concert series.  These weekly shows feature a mix of international and South African artists of various styles and take place on the lawns of Cape Town's most pristine garden at sunset. Bring a cooler box and a blanket and soak up the scenery while taking in some smooth jazz, Afrikaans music, alternative rock or acoustic.  With weekly shows from end of November-April there is something to suit any taste. 

kirst kirst2


2014 has been a great year for entertainment in the Cape and 2015 is looking promising as well with international acts One Direction and One Republic already scheduled to perform.  South Africa has seen an increase in international bands touring here in the past few years making it a great choice for a destination concert.